Connecting people, places, and jobs in Metro Hartford.

Connecting people, places & jobs in Metro Hartford.

The Capitol region is in the midst of an exciting time of transformation and opportunity! 


How do people benefit from TOD?


Walkable communities encourage and accommodate more healthy and active lifestyles.


Improved access to education, training, and jobs expand economic opportunity for low-income people and working families.


Expanded mobility choices reduce dependence on cars, reduce transportation costs, and free up household income for other purposes.

Mapping TOD Potential

Metro Hartford TOD Project Map

Metro Hartford TOD Project Map

Properties along transit corridors are ripe for development potential!

Click the image to open a Transit Oriented Development map that identifies key establishments - or “anchor institutions” - along the CTfastrak and CTrail corridors. Many of these organizations we have reached out to as part of the Metro Hartford TOD project.

These anchors are deeply embedded in a region and are unlikely to move. They include schools, hospitals, large employers, cultural organizations, government offices and small businesses that are important to the local economy.

Learn more about our anchor institution outreach!


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Learn More About TOD

Check below for features that explain TOD, as well as opportunities and challenges related to TOD in central Connecticut. 

Anchor institutions video!

This short project video explains what anchor institutions are. Watch it and impress your friends!

Metrohartford Alliance

David Griggs, Executive Director of Metro Hartford Alliance, speaks to the challenges of creating a regional message, including moving beyond the “Live, Work, Play” messaging to targeted, industry-focused messages.  


Although Farmington isn’t on the CTfastrak or CTrail corridors, it does have some very significant anchors (UConn Health, Jackson Labs, UTC, Otis). The town is being pushed towards denser development because they’re running out of developable land.